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THE MIDNIGHT CALL - Poughkeepsie Journal Front Page News

Barbara Gallo Farrell wrote a wonderful article in the June 6th Poughkeepsie Journal about the inspiration for my novel, The Midnight Call, and the underlying tragedy behind the book.

While the true story remains a painful blot on the history of Poughkeepsie, my protagonist, Jessie Martin, Esq., faces and overcomes obstacles to reclaim her life and prove her innocence of unfounded charges levies against her. Jessie untangles the web of lies and reveals the shocking truths behind the homicide. This quest turns out to be the fight of her life; to preserve everything and everyone she holds dear.

It's Book Fair Season!

Millbrook Literary Festival, May 18, 2019
Bronx Book Fair, May 4, 2019 Interview with Jenny Milchman

International Thriller Writers Announces their 2019 Debut Authors Class, and I'm proud to be included. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at the Debut Author's Breakfast on July 13th at Thrillerfest.