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          For Jessica Martin, Esq., the midnight call means much more than trouble. It means risking her love, career, life, and unborn child to help her mentor/confidante when he's accused of murdering a trespassing teen.

          When she answers her cellphone late one August night, she hears the last thing she ever expected – her mentor/confidante admitting that he's just killed someone and requesting her assistance. Out of loyalty, she rushes to the murder scene, and when the police arrive, her presence raises questions as to her role in the gruesome homicide.
           Jessie's reputation is put on trial when the district attorney accuses her of interfering with the arrest. Also, as a tactic to dismiss the murder charges, the defense attorney double-crosses Jessie by alleging that she violated the attorney-client privilege due her mentor. Complicating matters, the victim is the son of her law firm's largest client, she has a painful history with the prosecuting attorney, and she suffers from an undiagnosed medical condition.
           Caught in a web of betrayals, Jessie must prove her innocence while uncovering the shocking truths behind the murder.

           This quest turns out to be the fight of her life.







                                                   COMING MAY 14 2019