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Your Guide to the Best Seats in the House


  • over 100 color-coded seating plans
  • insider tips on locating the best seats at the best deiscount prices
  • user-friendly directions, parking, transportation information and detailed theatre district maps to get you to your seats
  • information on four seasons of FREE and ALMOST FREE seats, hotels, off-beat seats and theatre companies around the town.


    As featured in the Ann Arbor News, Grand Rapids Press, Booth Newspapers, Milwaukee Magazine and the Lincolnwood Skyline.



The SEATS rave reviews are in!


"No American city has built more new theaters in the last decade than Chicago. A definitive guide to how to find them -where to sit once you do-will be indispensible to the midwestern arts lover."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


"Theater's brightest stars shine on Chicago's gala celebration at the Jeff Awards. Theater fans should reward themselves with terrific Chicago theater and SEATS...truly a winner."

The Jeff Committee